The Power of Ritual.

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Come and learn about young people’s rites of passage to gain theory and practice in rites of passage for young people.  Facilitated by Nick hall and Chris Welsh, and the CRoP crew.

The essence of rites of passage for young people is all about reconnection to self, and to trustworthy others. Through acknowledgement and honouring, a young person can grow deeper and more connected to their world, and become a fulfilled adult.

This workshop is for parents, wellbeing practitioners, and those interested in learning to facilitate rites of passage in their community.

A testimonial from a mother who attended this training:

“Thank you for sharing your stories. It has been an honour to have spent the weekend with you as a group of strong and sensitive men. You all brought a wonderful mix of qualities to the weekend. As a mother I would feel very comfortable to have any of my boys come through your program. Thank you all again. In gratitude.”  Bron.

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If you would like to hold this training for your group or organisation please contact us:

This is a two day workshop (approx. 6.5 hours per day), and could be held on week days, or a weekend.