Grade 9/10: Becoming Young Men Camp

Our Becoming Young Men Camp is our flagship program, a 4-day rites of passage camp on Bruny Island involving a father and son duo, as well as the whole family, in a journey of discovery, challenge and growth.

Our Becoming Young Men Camp is focused on acknowledging the transition from boyhood to manhood, and bridging this gap through powerful sharing circles, processes and outdoor challenges. Through this camp, boys and men have the opportunity to hear and learn from the stories of other men and boys, engage in the conversation around manhood and masculinity, and explore what kind of man they would like to become.

COST: $800 per family

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Grade 9+: Returning Young Men’s Camp

Our Returning Young Men’s Camps are for young men (aged 15+) who have participated in our Becoming Young Men Camp and wish to continue their exploration into healthy manhood. These camps involve a combination of sharing circles, discussions and reflective processes, as well as physical activities like site maintenance, bushwalking and other activities. Returning Young Men’s Camps generally run over a weekend (2-3 days)

COST: $50 per person

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Grade 7/8 Camp:

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Grade 5/6 Camp:

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