Honouring The One Who Provides The Food.

When we are making preparations for a new rite of passage there is much work to be done. We start with revisiting our vision, then move on to planning, and then actioning and adapting our plan. At the point of planning there is a task that involves thinking about, reaffirming, and allocating key roles. This puts us in the space of considering what roles are key, and what roles are supporting key roles. The whole program is possible because we are able to do this setup effectively. The whole program is possible because we have willing volunteer staff who are excited, and trepidatious, about stepping into these roles. The whole works because of the dedication of the parts. We create a powerful, effective and magic rite because we join together, give our all, and let the magic happen.

Our rite is magic in that unexpected beautiful things happen in our environment, and in our relationships. This magic happens because we step into the unknown. This is the essence of magic, we do not know what is going to happen, and we are surprised, and reinvented into the outcome. The transition into adulthood involves this kind of magic. Though we know where we are headed, neither the young people, nor the adults know exactly how this transition is going to happen.

An important ritual, pivotal in one’s lifespan, needs to be fuelled, nourished, by ample and good food. Mr Maslow insist’s on this: www.coachilla.co/blog/the-new-hierarchy-of-needs


We are here writing and reading this blog, to honour our camp chef.

For our recent program our chef was Liam Popelier. Liam is a qualified chef, a past participant on our rite of passage into manhood, and a person who as a young man came to following programs to support the transition of boys who he did not know, into the beginnings of their adulthood. Liam is the son of the man who built our wood-fired hot water system, “The African Queen” (stay tuned to our website for an upcoming blog on this). We honour you Liam. Thank you for your quiet strength, your loving and fastidious preparation of our food, your sense of humour, your beautiful smile, and your patience and perseverance when our camp hits full speed and it seems like we have forgotten you. We have not forgotten you because it is impossible to forget an unforgettable person.

In celebration of Liam’s work and dedication, here are some pictures from the kitchen on our September program:






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