Our Next Becoming Men Program – September 5 to 8, 2019 on Bruny Island.


The Becoming Men program is a facilitated, camp based rite of passage.

It’s for boys 13 to 19 years (the important thing about the entry age is that your boy has begun to mature into a young man) and their mother and father/carers/mentors, and involves the whole family. The purpose of the camp is to acknowledge and celebrate the beginning of the transition of your boy to becoming a young man in a respectful, engaging and exciting way in the presence of women and men who have learnt good things from their life journey.

Our program has a philosophy of nonjudgemental inclusion and participation by informed choice. Our processes are gentle and respectful focusing on shared experience and the incremental take up of responsibilities pertinent to individual participants lives. This happens in an environment of mutual admiration and support.

Our programs are nondenominational.

This program includes a two hour information evening  sharing what ideas underpin our program, held in Hobart. A four day (extended weekend, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) multi-day camp on our purpose built Bruny Island site, with a two hour introduction night for fathers, mothers and mentors immediately prior to the camp. This program includes a departure involving the boy’s mothers or mentors, women’s support circle, and a celebratory return involving the extended family. Our program is completed with a half day (3 hours on a weekend) celebration event for the whole family at an easily assessable outdoor site near Hobart.

Our Full Becoming Men Program goes like this:

Information Evening (for parents/carers/mentors) – Monday 19th of August, 7pm to 9pm – Hobart. Contact us for details and to RSVP.

Welcome to Becoming Men Evening (for parents/carers/mentors) – Monday 2nd September, 7 to 9pm – Hobart.

Main Camp (for father/mentor and son) – Thursday 5th September to Sunday 8th September – Bruny Island. Leaving ceremony (involving mother/female mentor) in Hobart (9 am), Return celebration (involving extended family) on Bruny Island (12.30pm).

Reunion (for participants and extended family) – a get together to check in with one another two weeks after our camp –  Sunday 22nd September, 11.30am to 2.30pm – Hobart.


The contact page on this website below, or email nick.creatinghappiness@gmail.com, to discuss the program  needs of your family and request your application forms.



$800 per family  ($100 per person per day fully catered)

Minimum 8 families

Maximum of 15 families

(This camp has an additional setup day for staff.)

A testimonial from a mother who attended our associated “The Power of Ritual” training:

“Thank you for sharing your stories. It has been an honour to have spent the weekend with you as a group of strong and sensitive men. You all brought a wonderful mix of qualities to the weekend. As a mother I would feel very comfortable to have any of my boys come through your program. Thank you all again. In gratitude.”  Bron.

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